HOMEVariousProcessing machines

In the production process, most parts are manufactured in-house, and with a meticulous design that
pursues high accuracy and reliability to achieve quick delivery and cost reduction.


We handle various processing machines for adding value to sheets. We are working to meet various needs for labor saving and production stabilization.


■ Creping Equipment
■ Folding Machine
■ Thermal Processing Equipment
■ Press Forming Machine
■ Spunlace

Creping Equipment

This device adds elasticity and design to various sheets (paper, non-woven, fabric goods) by adding wrinkles to them.

※Patent pendin

■Sheet width/1,500mm
■Crepe rate/max300%

Folding Machine

There are many "folded" products around us, including tissue paper.There are also various folding methods, and the machine is designed according to the application.

■Folded shape
/quarto,octavo,displacing quarto,one-sixth folded

Thermal Processing

This equipment improves the added value of a sheet’s physical and surface properties using heat.

Press Forming Machine

This machine can form sheets by high-pressure pressing of the base material with top and bottom hot plates.


This device interlaces fibers using a high-pressure water flow to form sheets.

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