HOMENon-woven Fabric Manufacturing Equipment

In the production process, most parts are manufactured in-house, and with a meticulous design that
pursues high accuracy and reliability to achieve quick delivery and cost reduction.

Non-woven Fabric

We manufacture calender equipment, embossing equipment and collection conveyors for products that make best use of the characteristics of non-woven fabrics. We also have a wealth of experience in manufacturing not only production machines, but also test machines.


■ Calender Equipment  ■ Collection Conveyor
■ Air-through Dryer

Calender Equipment

We manufacture embossing devices for point embossing and calendar devices for thermal processing. The heat source can be selected from steam, heating medium circulation type, and electric type depending on the temperature and environment. We propose the optimum equipment according to temperature, pressure and substrate conditions.

■Sheet width/5,000mm

Collection Conveyor

Collection conveyors are used for spun-bounded fabrics and melt blown fabrics. It is characterized by uniform wind speed balance and steady sheet delivery.


Air-through Dryer

Used for drying paper and non-woven sheets (which require bulkiness). The temperature and wind speed conditions can be adjusted using the first and second half of the circumferential lengths, and using the dryer as a drying zone and curing zone is possible.

Other Products