Privacy Policy

HOMEPrivacy Policy

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Daisho Tekkosho shall only use the personal information provided by our customers for the provision of even better products and services, to share related information and recommend products and services, and to fulfill our contractual responsibility with our customers. Use of such information for any other purpose shall not carried out without the consent of the customer.

Representative Example of Purpose of Use

Contract, design, manufacture and installation of industrial machinery for the manufacture of sheet-like products, including the modification of such machinery, the contract, design, manufacture and installation of on-site work, and sales activities and after-sales service related to the above.

Safety Management

Daisho Tekkosho shall implement safety measures in order to prevent and redress any unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information. In addition, we shall comply with the laws and other standards regarding the protection of personal information, establish a system to protect personal information based on this policy, and strive to educate employees and provide guidance to outsourced companies in order to continuously review and improve such system.

Provision to a Third Party

Personal information provided by our customers shall not be provided to any third party except in the following situations.
1. In cases where consent has been obtained from the customer.
2. In cases where provision to a trusted outsource company is necessary to achieve the above purpose of use.
3. In cases where a formal inquiry based on the law is requested by a public authority (court of justice, police, etc.)

Disclosure, Revision and Suspension of Use

In the event a customer requests disclosure, revision, addition or deletion of the content of his/her personal information held by the company, or requests the suspension of use or deletion of such personal information, such request shall be appropriately honored in accordance with the law. For inquiries regarding the handling, revision, deletion, or disclosure of personal information held by the company, please contact the following.

Personal Information Protection Office
General Affairs Department, Daisho Tekkosho Co., Ltd.
Tel: +81-896-58-0123