In the production process, most parts are manufactured in-house, and with a meticulous design that
pursues high accuracy and reliability to achieve quick delivery and cost reduction.


We manufacture equipment for winding various sheet-like products such as paper, wet and dry non-woven fabrics, and provide most suitable winding machines. We provide a combination of winding shaft circulators, feeders, and raw fabric shipping and delivery devices as well as safety and labor-saving.


■ Surface Reel
■ Turret Delivery and Winding Equipment

Surface Reel

Compared to the axial winding type, it can be easily wound in large diameter and has excellent uniformity of winding. With automatic switching function(accumulation-less). A center drive function can be added.

■Sheet width/~5,000mm
■Winding diameter/~φ2,500mm

Turret Delivery and
Winding Equipment

It is a 2-shaft turret type feed-out winding equipment that is mainly used for continuous operation of machining lines. We propose the method of splice including necessity and non-necessity of the accumulation device.

■Sheet width/3,000mm
■Feed-out winding diameter/φ1,500mm

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