Large Lathe

Material such as a round bar can be rotated and cut with a fixed cutting tool. Processing such as lathe turning, boring, drilling, thread cutting, and parting, is possible.
Dainichi Kinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd./φ1,500mm×12,000mm

Large Front Disk

This is a facing lathe machine equipped with a face plate on the shaft. The tool rest can move extensively in the direction perpendicular to the main shaft.
Karats Precision/Workpiece diameter: 〜 φ4,000 mm
Workpiece length: 〜 10,000 mm With polishing equipment

CNC Lathe (Turning Center)

NLX 2500 | 1250 can process up to a maximum processing length of 1,255 mm. Products with complicated shapes can be processed by milling with a rotating tool and controlling the rotating shaft.

CNC Lathe (with Loader)

NLX2500 | 700 can process up to a maximum processing length of 728 mm. The workpiece an be automatically attached and removed according to the gantry loader specifications, enabling automatic operation.