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Complicated shapes and curves can be shown visually and comprehensively by drawing them in three dimensions (X, Y, Z) using 3D CAD. Since this can be used in the design of complicated structures, actual assembly process and operation verification of the finished product can be performed, leading to a shorter processing and assembly time and a reduction in cost.

3D Measuring Machine

Ultra-precision machining is supported and complicated shapes which are difficult to measure with hand tools such as calipers can be measured.
TOKYO SEIMITSU CO., LTD./Minimum display: 0.01μm
Range of measurement/X-axis:850mm Y-axis:1000mm Z-axis:600mm
Maximum mass of the object to be measured:1000kg

Digital Microscope, Handy 3D Measuring Device

This digital microscope can check and analyze glossy finished surfaces for fine scratches and processing roughness, and is used to improve quality. The handy 3D Measuring Device can measure various processed products quickly and accurately even in the field.
Digital Microscope
Handy 3D Measuring Device