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In the production process, most parts are manufactured in-house, and with a meticulous design that
pursues high accuracy and reliability to achieve quick delivery and cost reduction.

Special Paper Machine/
Paper Making Auxiliary Machine

Our paper machine is used for making special paper and functional paper, using raw materials like synthetic fibers and inorganic fibers except for wood pulp.Special Inclined Wire Paper Machine is available in open and closed molds, and can make any fiber.


■ Special Inclined Wire Paper Machine
■ Special Cylinder Paper Machine
■ Beater  ■ Cylinder Dryer

Special Inclined
Wire Paper Machine

The profile can be adjusted by adjusting the lip and heel opening of the paper making part.In addition, it is possible to register the brand by performing numerical management.

■Model/open type and closed type
■Paper width/~4,000mm
■Design speed/~300m/min

Special Cylinder Paper Machine

It is characterized by good texture and wide basis weight. The equipment is easy to install and starts up in a short time and is easy to operate.

■Type/Forward,Reverse,Sink,Forced Evaporation
■Paper width/~3,000mm
■Design speed/~300m/min


From 10 to 1500 pounds of raw material can be processed for various manufacturing productions. Concentration 3 to 5%. The wetted part can be manufactured with SUS316L and SUS304 upon request (tab inner surface buffed finish). The shim for the fly bar roll is constructed with a SUS lining to prevent dust and a bearing structure.

Cylinder Dryer

A cylinder dryer is used to dry paper sheets.
Manufacturing dimensions/ φ4000 x 5000 mm
Material: Steel plates

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