HOMESlitter Rewinder

In the production process, most parts are manufactured in-house, and with a meticulous design that
pursues high accuracy and reliability to achieve quick delivery and cost reduction.

Slitter Rewinder

We propose a feed method, a slit method, and a winding method that match the characteristics of base materials such as paper and non-woven fabric. Winding function to new paper tube, automatic paper tube supply device, tail processing after full winding.Various options such as shaft extraction and supply equipment are also available.


■ Slitter Rewinder
■ NC Slitter

Slitter Rewinder

Compatible with various sheets. Uses a double drum surface type. The drum surface is based on thermal spraying, and can be selected according to the compatibility with sheets such as rubber winding and knurling. In addition, good winding is possible by combining the rider roll rising pressure control and the winding self-weight canceling mechanism.

■Sheet width/~5,000mm
■Design speed/~1,000m/min
■Cut method/Shear cut or score cut

NC Slitter

Automatic positioning of the cutting tool is performed by numerical input from the touch panel.Both score and shear types are available.

■Minimum width/70mm~

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