Founded in 1919

In 1919, Mr. Kazuitsu Fukuzaki started the company in Shikokucyuou city of Ehime. Shikokucyuou is the active area of papermaking from long ago. Then our main product ranges were making machineries for papermaking and doing maintenances of them.

Since then, we have been producing papermaking machineries by centering on technical strength and developmental power. From around 1980, we specialized in production of special paper machine used for special purposes. Today, we became the national top-class manufacturer of special paper machine.

Sheet Products, such as Special Paper, Nonwoven and Film
In addition, we went into the market of nonwoven producing machinery by utilizing the technologies and know-how accumulated through papermaking machinery at the same time. From around 1990, we started to provide film producing machinery by utilizing sheet-winding technology.

We assess the quality and the efficiency as the entire system and provide the most suitable equipment for the customer.

In 2005, we obtained ISO 9001 certification and we have been trying to enhance quality control. Also, we innovated most sophisticated facilities, such as large processing machine ( Multi-center, Large Lathe), 3D 5-axis processing machine and 3D measuring instruments and we try to reduce the production cost and improve quality control.
Some customers who treat films or hygiene products request clean room specifications, so we possess soundproof and damp-proof assembly factories which satisfy the customer’s request. We put more energy into not only hardware, such as facilities, but also software, such as human resources development by encouraging qualification acquisition. Some of our staffs obtained special boiler welding national qualification. Furthermore, a few of them obtained PED qualification of European Norm.
Daisho’s strong points are high precision and quick delivery which are supported by overwhelming production capacity and various talented professional staffs.